Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another day in the neighborhood...

Hi Friends!
Another great day! I am getting more brave with my French. I am really trying to learn and I am asking questions in French. This is huge for me. I am totally not like this. But, sometimes you have just got to step up to the challenge.
Today started out with a bang. Which is totally 90 year old woman of me to say, but really it totally did. Maddie and I started our day by stopping in to a shoe store and I bought 2 pairs of shoes I love and a super cool jacket for 11 euro!! I mean the heals I bought are to die for amazing. And only 3 euro. It was like they were waiting for me. The French class was really good even though I am totally the biggest idiot in the class, ie I never understand what Grace, our teacher, is telling me. But I have no shame, so who cares. Then we made our way over to the 6th arrondissement.
We saw lots of historic buildings, including a church that was apparently very important in the Da Vinci Code. We also went to the oldest bakery in Paris. I had a pain au chocolat, which was the best I have had since I’ve been here. Then we went to this crazy expensive bakery. Everything there was a little work of art and you could tell had been make with an artist’s care and skill. I paid 2 euro for a little macaron, which is what they are famous for. The flavor was called infiniment chocolat (immensely chocolate). And boy was it. It was totally a chocolate triple thread. Chocolate with chocolate and chocolate. I have never tasted something taste so chocolately except chocolate. It melted in your mouth and the texture was like nothing I have ever had.
We saw a horribly inappropriate statue. Saw a Mini Cooper with a British flag on the roof. And ended our walk at a church was across the street from Dior and Louis Vuitton. Ritzy side of town to say the least.
Well, that was my adventure today. Looking forward to another tomorrow!

Lots of Love,

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