Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paris: City of Wonder

Four weeks down and what do I have to show for it?
Since being in Paris I have:

1. Heard only 1 person sneeze in public
2. Seen 3 people blow their nose- One was my professor, who is american, so I'm not sure the 3rd person counts
3. Heard 2 people cough in public
4. Seen 3 pregnant people- Do pregnant French women  not go outside? Also, is it racist to observe that they have all either been of Asian or Middle Eastern decent?
5. Not seen strangers talk on the metro- Talk about stranger danger

 6. Only felt awkward if I accidentilly make eye contact with anyone on the metro or in the street
7. Only had one bad experience being a non-French speaker- It was in a kebab place my first week. Other than that, everyone has been friendly and understanding. The French respect you for trying to learn their difficult language and love to help you out.
8. Realized that wearing jeans and a tee-shirt on the metro is considered under dressed
9. Learned that scarves= awesome and backpacks are totally out
10. Only heard one bad gypsy performer on the metro- Dad and daughter duet, not good at all. Most of the time I love a little serenade on my way to school, and accordions are always funny. Also, there was a lady singing opera at the Opera station. The irony was delectable.

And the sneeze and cough count continues...

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