Saturday, February 26, 2011

There's Gonna be Juice?!

I thought this deserved its own post. It’s not every day you come across something so perfect and hilarious all at the same time. It was so reminiscent of the Arrested Development episode “Spring Breakout” I literally laughed out loud in an embarrassing manner. May be you don’t remember the episode, but you will remember the scene that Ron Howard narrates: “Buster went to kitchen to find something to help him sleep when he came across Lucille’s emergency stash of box wine, which he mistook for a giant juice box. It was the first taste of alcohol Buster had since he was nursing.”
Buster and his giant juice box
 So when I opened my refrigerator the other day, what did I see sitting on the shelf? None other than juice boxes, but not just any juice boxes, these were filled with what I can only assume to be France’s best Blanc Sec  (that’s dry white wine for all you prohibitionists).
In all its glory: wine juice boxes, now in a three pack
As you can see, I'm really jazzed about this
Yes, that’s right. In France drinking alone is not only acceptable, it is encouraged. Hence the single servings of wine via juice box. Easy to open and enjoy in a glass or out of the box, now that’s what I call classy.

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  1. I enjoy mine straight out of the box because I'm extra classy.