Sunday, April 10, 2011

The New Pastry a Day Challenge: Take it if You Dare

The "Pastry a Day Challenge" still continues. Here is what I have had this week:

Day 5: Far Breton and a Delightful Assortment of Macaron
The Far Breton was by far the most unexpected pastry I have tried. I have a strategy when making hard decisions, like picking out pastries, I stare at all of my options until one speaks to me. Eventually, one will jump out as if to say, "Pick me!" and so I do, and I am generally not disappointed. I was staring at the case, and when I was asked what I wanted, I looked down and Far Breton was looking right at me. So I just got it. I had to idea what it was, just took a chance. 

You've probably never heard of Far Breton  before. It's a kind of cake that tastes alot like custard. When you make it, you basically make a custard and then add flour to it. This gives it a dense and extremely moist texture. The surprise was that the unidentifiable fruit turned out to be prunes. Despite not being 75, I happen to like prunes, but I don't eat them hardly ever. So I was pleasantly surprised by my selection. I would totally get this again, though it might not be for everyone.
Mysterious dark fruit pieces... Yup, not cherries, prunes

Mmm, those prunes were tasty
Later that night, Maddie and I busted out with a little box of macaron from La Duree. We munched on a selection of green apple, chocolate, vanilla, orange passion fruit, pisachio, and rose flavored macarons. Each was delightful. 

Macarons are not the macaroons you may be envisioning. They are cookies made of almond flour and have a very light frosting filling. They are like nothing you have ever tried. The good ones just melt in your mouth and are moments of bliss until they are gone.
Chocolate and Rose Macaron

Day 6: Beignet Pomme
Sorry Mom, but this beignet was way better than the ones you make. It could have been the apple inside. A simple pillowy round of fried dough with a creamy apple center. Amen!
Simple yet delicious
Day 7: Chocochaude and Baklava
Dear Maddie tried the chocochaude and found it so good that she brought me back one. It is just flaky pastry with a custard like filling with chocolate chips dispersed throughout. It is a winner.
So good I very nearly ate 2!

When my friends and I took a little trip to the Jewish quarter I saw this treat in the window and knew I had to have it. I can't tell you the last time I had baklava, but I knew I liked it. This was the best reminder I could have had.
The Jews just know how to make baklava

Day 8: Viennoise Pomme
Basically a sweet roll with baked apple inside. I am a fan of baked fruit so I liked it. But, to be honest, I did not love it. There were a few things they could have changed to make it really good, but that is because I love me a good sugar over load, and this was not that.
Not as sweet as you might want it to be. I suggest the addition of sugar and cinnamon
Yes, that is a whole apple in there

Day 9: Croissant aux Amandes
Light flaky pastry sprinkled with almonds, a delightful glaze and a snow of powdered sugar with an almond cream on the inside
I don't think you understand how good this was!

Day 10: Butterstruselfladen and Quarkballchen
God bless Germany and their pastries. The butterstruselfladen was a refreshing treat after eating French pastries. It was different and wonderful. The pastry wasn't flaky, but bready with baked cherries and strussel. You pretty much can't go wrong wit that combo.

Oh, my dear Quackballchen. The best doughnut hole you will ever have. It is dense and has an almost custard taste to it. I loved every bite.
Little ball of joy and happiness
Day 11: Rugelach
Not going to lie. Not my favorite in the least. It was a pastry rolled with a fig puree and a strussel topping. I could have lived without this one. But, I'm glad I got to try another German pastry.
Looks way better than it tasted, which is why i got it.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Day 10. My mouth is watering just looking at that goodness!! Oh man. I'm going to find a recipe and get my brother to make it for me :)