Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Pastry Every Day. Is This a Good Idea?...

Now that I am down to may last days in Paris and last weeks in France, and with so many good things left to try, I have put it upon myself to try a new pastry everyday until I leave. Here is what I have tried since the challenge started three days ago:

Day 1: Tartlette aux Framboise
I decided that I haven't eaten enough tarts and this little guy just spoke to me. Fresh raspberries covering a delightful pistachio custard filling. It's a classic and a goodie. I love pistachios, so the filling was a pleasant surprise.

Look at how cute it is!

Day 2: Millefeuille Caramel
This little treat, which means a thousand leaves, is made up of flaky pastry filled with thick, creamy, buttery, fluffy caramel frosting and is glazed with super sweet and sticky caramel. Hard to eat, but well worth the effort.

Layer upon layer of goodness

Day 3: Religieuse au Chocolat
This pastry is a fun fill surprise. Both top and bottom are filled with a great chocolate pudding. Today, I went down to a local bakery, bought my pastry and headed for a sit by the Seine. I had this one recommended to me and I finally got around to trying it. I think I can put this one on my list of favorite pastries. This one is a must try.

This one is a keeper. Never let it go!

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