Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Harry Potter and the London Weekend

Like Paris, London is a crazy awesome city. The weekend I spent there was fantastic and was filled with a ton of sight seeing and taking pictures with wands pretending to be Harry Potter. I really felt like a witch while I was there. I didn't find Diagon Alley, but I think I got close. Pretty good for being a muggle.

Drew, one of the kids from my program, brought his wand with him, and because we have no shame, proceeded to take rediculous pictures of ourselves all over London.

Ready London? Because here we come!

Wizards should be nicer to muggles

Good bye Tower Bridge
We didn't quite get to Hogwarts, but the Tower of London will do just fine

It's gloomy outside for a reason, we were controlling the weather
See what a little spell does in the wrong hands?!

The Millennium Bridge, doesn't stand too much of a change against some HP magic

Start of a Wizard's Duel

Putting a spell on good ole Big Benjamin

Threatening the Eye of London. What spell? Reducto!
An illegal picture I took in Westminster Abby
Down in the London Underground
A little magic at Trafalgar Square
It wasn't just any double decker bus, it was the Night Bus
Yes, we made a special trip to Kings Cross just to find Platform 9 3/4

Made it through to the other side! I really am a witch!!

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